Helping our clients realize their business goals and objectives

That's Clever office door

That’s Clever! Marketing Communications is a marketing communications company located in Waterloo, Ontario. Since 1999, we’ve been working closely with our clients to develop creative, compelling, and unique brand messages that help sell their products and services. We collaborate in all aspects of their marketing strategies including advertising, digital, environments, identity, packaging, presentations, print, promotions, public service, and social media.

About collage

We work with many different clients from small to mid-size companies; a diverse national and international client base that includes retail, industrial, manufacturing, and corporate business each with their own business objectives and unique challenges. And we’re different too. The way we work with our clients, look at their problems, and how we work together. No unnecessary layers or interminable processes. Just smart, talented, friendly people creating ingenious, skillful, and unique work that helps our clients realize their business goals and objectives.

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